Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To All My Friends

I want to take this world wide, that is my plan. In order to do this, I need to get this Blog out there. To all my friends, Flinx, Angel, Sophie, Lucy, Stacy, Walt, and other people I don't have fake names for yet, I ask you to pass this link around, to the point that people think they are getting spam mail, and they start seriously missing the days of telemarketers at dinner time. And by the way thanks to all of you for playing along with picking out your names.

On another note, that guy I have been seeing is awesome. It seems silly to write about it because all of you that read this have been hearing me gushing for three weeks now, and I'm sure you are getting sick of it. Now let someone else be bothered (or amused) by my insane acts of infatuation, and pass this around.


  1. have you posted this on facebook? that would get the link out there LOL

  2. you now have 8 followers! only 5 million more and the world is YOURS!!!