Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go Team Jacob

Recently I have had the opportunity to clue a friend in on the complex nature of the Twilight Sages.

My Friend intently listened to my giddy, child-like babbling about the books, and movies, and why Team Jacob is better then Team Edward. As he was asking questions and I was answering them, in great detail. I was blow away that he knew nothing of the love between a vampire and a human, and shocked that he was unaware of the the of the long standing treaty between the Werewolf pack and the Vampire coven.

So as this conversation was going on, we were getting ready to watch Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I asked questions through out the entire movie, and he thoroughly explained everything to me......he sounded like such a geek. He told me about the The Force and why they are fighting and who was who and why that person is important. In those moments of listening to him babble like a child, I realized that when I was sharing all the reason I consider my self a Twi-Hard, he was probably thinking I was a Twi-geek. That will teach me not to make fun of the Star Wars fanatics anymore, I am just a nerdy as they are.

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