Friday, February 5, 2010

Confession Time

Confession Time. I admit that I think online dating is for losers, I also admit that I have tried it, recently in fact. I guess that makes me a loser.
So the story goes like this....
I had been sick for the last three days. Home bound and feeling sorry for myself, I see a commercial which says something about the beginning, so I hop online, set myself up an account and get a 7 day free trial. Within minutes of signing up, I receive my first wink. I open the profile and realize that I think I know this guy. He wants pictures, which are being approved, so are not yet posted. I write back telling him that I think know him and he looks very familiar to me. We go back and forth a couple of emails, and I am starting to wonder if he even remembers me. So I send him an email telling him how I know him, thinking maybe it will jar his memory. This is the actual email from me.

I think I have meet you before. And if you are the person I think you are, we meet when you where building a house, had a brief but passionate (or drunken, what ever you want to call it) affair and then went separate ways. If I was not you, then you have a twin, and his name was Bryan.

This is what I received in return:

Confession time
This is Bryan`s mom. I am sorry for leading you astray and I`m really sorry if Bryan hurt you. I just want him to find his soul mate. He really is a shy man when it comes to relationships. But I can see that he`s lonely. He needs a girl in his life to share activities. I truly don`t know if he is who you`re thinking of because he does not share his thoughts with me. He does not know that I wrote to you and I should be ashamed of myself for doing so but I worry about him. I really, really want for him to be happy. He just needs a little push. If you can forgive me and if there still is some feelings for him then please call him. He is worth it. He`s a wonderful man when you really get to know him. You just have to push him along for awhile. I`m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Needles to say, I am so embarrassed that all I could do is laugh.

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