Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dating Weekend

I have had a busy weekend. I went out on two dates. That's right, two. Friday I meet the son from "Confession Time". He was good looking, and it was a very long evening. That is about it on that one. It is too bad to, his mom seemed great. Then today I meet Bachelor #2. He was good looking, and a real gentleman. He opened doors, paid for lunch, and the conversation was fun and light-hearted. He even went shoe shopping with me, that was defiantly a shocker. When I jokingly asked him if he wanted to go, and he said yes, I think I looked around for Candid Camera. I was not expecting that answer. I guess I am just that awesome, and he didn't want the date to end.


  1. you ARE that awesome! call me and tell me all about it when you have time! will there be a date #2?????

    love you !

  2. yay!! you ARE VERY awesome. hope things continue to go in a good direction. i love you