Monday, January 18, 2010

Bodies Exhibition

So I went to the Bodies Exhibition this weekend. It was amazing, yet a little bit morbid. Not only is the human body on display, but who ever got to do the....craving for lack of better words....was an artist. The way the layers of the body where displayed was amazing. They had section that showed human growth in stages form one week and up. It was interesting. The babies have little eyes at like 5-6 weeks, you can see a person. That was a little bit hard to look. And, most all of the full body displays where men...yep, penis and all. For those of you thinking it...I know you are out there...they were not that big.

I was totally overwhelmed by the city. There was so much to see and do and eat. Living in this small ass town makes me forget that I have options. I really need to get back out and see the world. A day trip to Seattle is better then going to Walmart in town any day. There is actually culture beyond what you see around here. Everyone looks different in the city too. In Small towns, everyone starts to blend after awhile.

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  1. ewwww. not for me but glad you had fun. and I love downtown,too - wish I had a chance to go.