Monday, April 12, 2010

Run Kelly Run

I am afraid that my life is still pretty boring. I am still seeing Mr. W. and it seems to be going all right. The rush of infatuation is wearing down and now the reality of being with someone is setting in. It is time consuming, but it is also nice to attempt an emotional connection with someone in a good way. Only there is always that little fear that the next time I talk to him or see him, he might decide that he really doesn't like me. I know it is silly, and I ask everyone to refrain from the lame words of encouragement like "You such a great person" and all that crap. Right now, it won't make me feel better anyways.

I am officially in training for a half marathon. Today I am going to run five miles. I really like to run, especially when I hit that runners high. It doesn't happen all that much, in fact, most of the time I struggle just to go, but when I hit that zone, I feel like I can do anything, be anybody, maybe see God to invite him to dinner. My body feels like I am walking in the clouds, it is such a wonderful feeling.

I am also doing one of those biggest loser competitions with one of the offices I work at. The pot is like $250.00 and I could really use that money, so I have to win. I am pretty sure I will too. I think it ends in June, right around the time I do my run, so it also helps give me a little bit of motivation. I hope to feel like a trophy wife by the time this is over, that is my long term goal. Besides all the health benefits that go along with being active, I really want to have a nice body. I think I could pull off the curvy look, like Kim Kardashian or the red head from Mad Men. That is my idea of a beautiful body type.

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  1. so there really is such a thing as a runner's high? huh. wish there was an aerobic high. LOL you'll do it and I'll be proud of you!

    don't be a trophy - all they do is sit on a shelf and collect dust :)